Strong bags for strong social changes

//Strong bags for strong social changes

People from creative industries are those who can convey a different world view and hence the responsibility to change things around us, for better.

Irina Tosheva is actively cooperating with youth organizations and the NGO sector, as well as working closely with the street magazine “Lice v Lice” (Face to Face). She consider this as a great way for raising public awareness about the necessity of inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Strong Bagas

Together with the magazine and Knauf (building material company), Tosheva developed a design for durable canvas bags made of concrete bags. During a workshop with vulnerable young people from the day care center for children on the street in Shuto Orizari (one of the poorest Roma municipality in Macedonia) they taught them about the importance of craftmanship which can be a useful source for an income and creating working habits.

Strong Bags

Later on, Tosheva invited ten local artists, illustrators and designers (Flim, Ruki Chuki, Ind Og, Design and berries, Nina Simovska, Omajgad, The Micho, Em Elephantski, Drash & Machka), to make one of a kind drawings and together create the “special & limited edition”.

Strong Bags

The bags were sold under the slogan: “strong bags for strong social changes” as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags by the “Lice v lice” vendors.

The product was launched at a promotional event in Skopje that also celebrated the street paper’s 16th issue, which explored the theme of partnerships for positive social change. The limited edition bags sold out at the event within 30 minutes.

Strong Bags
Strong Bags

The cost of the bags vary between 100 and 150 Macedonian denars (£1.14 – £1.71; €1.60 – €2.44) and vendors received 50% of the profits. The remaining money went towards a scheme to transport donated food to the day care center in Shuto Orizari.

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