The Brand

“Irina Tosheva” is a Macedonian fashion brand, since 2012. A label that binds sustainability, technology and various ways of creative expression.

Considered garments are defined as fresh, fun and forward thinking, as the process behind their creation runs deeper than just clean lines and following trends.

Our belief is making products that matter and pieces that last. We identify and test the latest alternative production methods, and we are committed to innovating and looking for new materials.

We strongly believe in giving a little back, appreciating what life offers us every day, and helping vulnerable categories whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged.

Using fashion, we can create a better world!

The Designer

As a designer who is actively working on the Macedonian scene, Irina opts to make her creations unique and exciting, through new channels of creative expression. Through hard work and open mindedness Tosheva makes effort to ensure her values are represented through her business. 

She is actively involved in projects which goal is to improve social inclusion and provide better opportunities to vulnerable groups. Irina works closely with many artists and designers, youth organizations, the NGO sector and with the street magazine “Lice v Lice”. She considers these approaches as fundamental for creative activism.


Tosheva received the Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals Award in 2019.

Irina Tosheva

Fashion Designer

Clothes should not only make you look good on the outside, but also keep you feeling right on the inside.

Aleksandra Spaseska

What has always distinguished Tosheva in the Macedonian fashion scene is the innovative approach to materials and techniques in her work, but also the constant urge to go beyond the classical understanding of the functions "fashion designer" and "fashion" as primarily aesthetic, and to dive into the social, ethical and their ecological understanding of these terms.

Dejan Djolev

Irina Tosheva, relentless creative, activist, philanthropist, advocate of Macedonian creatives, fashion designer.

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