The Brand

“Irina Tosheva” is a Macedonian fashion brand, since 2012.

Considered garments are defined as fresh, fun and forward thinking, as the process behind their creation runs deeper than just clean lines and following trends.

The brand’s work is based on the Agenda 2030 of the SDGs. We focus on efforts that have the greatest impact. Sourcing upcycled materials and certified fabrics with earth-friendly dyes, working with women makers who face barriers to employment, from artisans to seamstresses with fair living wages, keeping a low environmental footprint. Production is made-to-order, reducing the brand’s waste and ensuring that every piece is thoughtfully one-of-a-kind. With every purchased piece of clothing a tree is planted in your name, in various places across the country, where it is most needed.

We strongly believe in giving a little back, appreciating what life offers us every day, and helping vulnerable categories whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged.

Using fashion, we can create a better world!

The Designer

Tosheva’s portfolio is full of range of activities which utilize the transformative power of fashion; to support diversity and enable equality, to shape the economy, ecology and society in harmony.

Through partnerships with various NGOs and inventive ways of promotion she tries to initiate positive changes in public opinion, often opening debates for various topics in the society.  Including marginalized groups on different grounds in the presentations, uniting artists, craftsmen and different local industries in the collections. She considers these approaches as fundamental for creative activism.

With her knowledge and work commitment is contributing to the transition to a circular economy in the country. Encouraging the market to use less and better clothing, and for longer. Working on various project as mentor, educating the young designers and introducing them to sustainability, cyclability and circularity, so it becomes core of their work. Works with representatives of the textile industry and fashion sector talking out loud about the problems, how to change them and lead by good examples.

Tosheva received the Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals Award in 2019 and is the national winner of the “Green Ideas” competition in 2021.

Irina Tosheva

Fashion Designer

Clothes should not only make you look good on the outside, but also keep you feeling right on the inside.

Aleksandra Spaseska

What has always distinguished Tosheva in the Macedonian fashion scene is the innovative approach to materials and techniques in her work, but also the constant urge to go beyond the classical understanding of the functions "fashion designer" and "fashion" as primarily aesthetic, and to dive into the social, ethical and their ecological understanding of these terms.

Dejan Djolev

Irina Tosheva, relentless creative, activist, philanthropist, advocate of Macedonian creatives, fashion designer.
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