The future belongs to the young people, and seen through the prism of the students with hearing impairments from the state school center ”Partenija Zografski” in Skopje, it is beautiful, colorful, playful and positive. “Responsible Future” is the name of a mentoring and research project that combines the concepts of inclusion, crafts, fashion and sustainability, to offer a bright perspective to this group of young people, enriching their portfolio with a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of the creative industries, enabling them to seek employment and maximize their potential within their desired profession.

Over three months the young adults, guided by a plethora of mentors, professors, and university interns from diverse creative industries, collectively investigated how to juxtapose craft and fashion references with personal preferences.

Sustainability education can open up opportunities for young people to learn and engage in existing local and global movements, as well as help them develop their own skills and interests for a more sustainable lifestyle and design. Using textile waste from local factories and drawing inspiration from the cultural heritage under mentorship by Irina Tosheva, together with professor Ljubisha Saveski five outfits were made.

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