Irina Tosheva & Moki for Resort Mavrovo

With a warm, idyllic photo story, the designer Irina Tosheva presented the new exclusive fashion collaboration with Moki and Resort Mavrovo.

These are two mini collections of clothes and accessories with Tosheva’s signature, decorated with Moki’s illustrations and handwriting made specifically for the visitors of Mavrovo national park.

“Comfort is the greatest value in the past period. The first collection consists of two types of pajamas, which in addition to the pleasant feeling of the cotton material, as well as the casualness of the cut, look very attractive and elegant, and can be also worn outside. They are decorated with embroidered letters by Moki in Cyrillic and Latin variants. Pajamas are available in four colors and four sizes. We also used the fabric leftovers for eye masks and bags.” – explains Irina Tosheva.

The second mini collection, which the designer calls Postcards from Mavrovo, consists of unisex sweatshirts and hoodies, with illustrations by Moki, which also appear on pillows and bags.

“Through my illustrations, in a simple and subtle way I tried to show Mavrovo natural treasures. The calm atmosphere of the drawings fit perfectly with the creations of Irina Tosheva, creating pieces that are aesthetically attractive, but also have a special value, because they are a souvenir that can be worn for a long time. “ – points out Monika Stojanovska from Moki.

Both collections are packed in a warm and idyllic winter story with Kristina Filipovska from the fashion agency “Podium”. The photos are by Aleksandra Kostadinovska. Sim Saltirova is responsible for the make-up.

For all those who want a souvenir Bistra Design Store in Hotel Bistra in Mavrovo is the place where you can find T-shirts, sweatshirts, pots, badges, bags and other handicrafts with motifs from Mavrovo, made by Macedonian designers and creative studios. That way you will always be able to take part of Mavrovo with you.

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