Sustainable journey with USAID

Embarking on a journey across 10 cities and collaborating with 8 esteemed textile schools, Irina Tosheva illuminated the fashion landscape through a series of 8 captivating fashion shows.

In recent months, Tosheva mentored transformative fashion workshops, inspiring students to craft outfits from repurposed materials and waste. Employing a diverse array of crafts and handmade techniques, she forged connections with aspiring fashion designers, dedicated professors, and numerous secondary vocational schools.

Her mission extended beyond artistry, as she sought to inspire, motivate, and educate on the merits of a sustainable approach to both work and life. Tosheva also fervently communicated the myriad opportunities inherent in the country’s fashion industry.

With this project we marked 30 years of partnership with USAID in N.Macedonia.

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