Without clothes we are naked. In literal sense and through a metaphorical prism. It is an essential need and an integral part of the identity of each individual. On the other hand, behind it stands a huge industry-the second largest global pollutant.

The textile industry in Macedonia is an industrial sector with a long tradition and experience. 27% of the entire working population works in 500 textile companies in the country. Out of the production of clothing in Macedonia, about 16,600 tons per year is textile waste, which accounts for about 3% of the solid waste of the country. Most of that waste is burned at landfills, causing pollution of the environment. Macedonia has been ranked Europe’s most polluted country, according to the European Environment Agency (November 2018).

People from creative industries are those who can convey a different world view and hence the responsibility to change things around us, for better. Thanks to Fashion weekend Skopje, British council and the ministries of economy and culture for more than two months 8 young designers worked tirelessly, making wonderful designs from textile waste, with lots of handwork and mixing different techniques, under my mentorship.

I believe that the new generation of designers should be educated and inspired to work in more sustainable manner from the beginnings and help the factories recycle their waste. My goal is this kind of projects to become a tradition.

The first phase was a fashion show in the cradle of the textile industry in Macedonia, Stip, in the workshop of Astibo fashion group. Our guests, mostly media representatives were sitting on the machines, while models walked beside them.

The project was crowned with styling the models for the photoshoot with the renowned photography duo Ani and Dimi and the #FWSK presentation by the eminent british stylist Rebekah Roy and the sustainable fashion designer Anna Skodbo with her brand Phannatiq. I am very happy and pleased to work by their side.

This is our #sustainablestorymk ?

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