Project Description

In the new Spring/Summer collection Riza from ’16, Irina Tosheva offers a new reading of the treasury of national handicrafts. The collection is a collaboration with the architect Nikola Kungulovski / PROXY and MK3D Printing and represents a modern translation of the tradition. For this purpose we use the latest technologies for three-dimensional printing, which makes a true translation of the perfect but also harsh textures from the history of our fashion. The editorial team worked with the proven team, photographer Miladin Papovic Photography, makeup artist Viktor Mirchevski, hair studio Studio Allure / Darko Petkovski and graphic designer Kristina Mancheva. Models include Renae Keily Wright and Ana Stanojkovska from Podium Model Agency and Elena Angjelovska from the fashion studio Crnokrak Crnokrak. The design chairs from Think and Chantel Gtc shoes perfectly complemented the whole story.

The preparation of the collection is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.