“Synchrony” – a captivating fashion collection born from the collaborative vision of designer Irina Tosheva and architect Tijana Stojkovska. Inspired by the striking brutalist architecture of Skopje, this collection seamlessly fuses the bold essence of concrete structures with the serene beauty of nature.

In “Synchrony” the harsh lines and robust geometries reminiscent of Skopje’s urban landscape find a tranquil counterpart in the lush embrace of nature. Each garment serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the man-made and the organic, celebrating the juxtaposition of brutalist aesthetics against the calming backdrop of the natural world.

Environmental consciousness takes center stage as the fabrics used in this collection are not just fashion-forward but eco-friendly and certified. Embracing sustainability, “Synchrony” showcases a commitment to responsible fashion, ensuring that style and ethics go hand in hand.

As a unique touch, buttons embellishing these pieces are crafted from stones and glasses sourced from the pristine Ohrid Lake, reflecting the collection’s deep connection to the Macedonian landscape. Paired with silver accents, each button becomes a symbol of the collection’s commitment to authenticity and local craftsmanship.

Photographer: Aleksandra Kostadinovska

Model: Iva Cackova/ Models In

Make up: Viktor Mirchevski

Hair: HairHouse by Darko Petkovski

Set assistant: Orce Naumovski

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