Remaining true to her fashion ethos, Irina Tosheva for her jubilee collection focuses deeply on cultural sustainability, spending half a year in tireless research, nurturing and affirming the cultural identity of the Yuruks in the country. This community has existed since the 14 century and remains faithful to its specific beliefs. Inspired by this socio-cultural phenomenon, using her fashion language, the designer skillfully translated certain elements of their clothing in a fashion context, recognizable for the brand and her work. The whole approach was documented in a fashion video “OYA”.

Models: Kristina Filipovska & Koni Markova (Podium Models Agency), Kristina Rachikjevikj, Bojan Petrovski

Clothes: Irina Tosheva
Textile design: Sun Smith Studio Barcelona
Eco-beads: Elena Arsovska
Make up and hair: Irena Senokozliovska & Iva Petrovska

Director of photography: Marjan Petkovski
Camera assistants: Valentin Cvetkoski & Dimitar Atanasoski
Drone: Teo Angelovski
Editing: Marjan Petkovski

Music: FOLTIN Theatre Miniatures – THE GOOD PERSON FROM SZECHWAN / Bertolt Brecht / MGL Ljubljana 2015
Directed by Aleksandar Popovski

This project is part of the supported projects of national interest in culture for 2022 by Ministry of culture and EU WITH YOU Rapid Grants Program.

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