“Muur” is a celebration of everything I believe in. Imprint, a mark of a time. – Tosheva points out.

Each piece has a unique story, delicately connecting the past and the present. Like a seal of the old and new days.

The collection consists of textured environmentally friendly fabrics in natural tones, such as rustic cotton jacquard, hemp and jute woven with raw silk, muslin from organic hemp and linen with European Flax® certification. For the first time, the designer works with macrame – an ancient technique of hand tying knots. The shoes, on the other hand, are made of pressed cork in collaboration with Schuster.

The project connects 15 local creatives and industries, as an incentive to move the cultural scene, show mutual support and cooperation presenting the talent that surrounds us.

“The collection comes from a place of pragmatism, with the limited resources we had at our disposal, and, in essence, it was the limitations that gave us a sharper focus in all aspects. The video and the editorial were recorded in two monumental, but somewhat forgotten locations in the city. “I chose the Skopje Aqueduct and the Kale Fortress in order to awaken the collective awareness for the preservation of our cultural and historical heritage,” said Tosheva.

With every piece of clothing purchased from “Muur”, a tree named after the buyer will be planted, in different locations in the country thanks to the partnership cooperation with Treebanks.

The collection is part of the supported projects of National Interest for 2020 by the Ministry of Culture and a project of local interest in culture of the City of Skopje for 2020.

Photo: Aleksandra Kostadinovska

Model: Nadja Milanova/ Podium Models Agency

Make up: Viktor Mirchevski

Hair: Hairhouse by Darko Petkovski

Set assistant: Iskra Mladenovska 


*Muur- archaism from the turkish word mühür, meaning seal.

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