The hectic and tense everyday life makes us stop for a moment, close our eyes and look with our hearts. The serenity, the lightness, the inner peace are conveyed through the audio-visual presentation of the spring / summer ‘17 collection of Irina Tosheva: Ease.

In their artistic escape and search for the natural balance, the team who worked on this multimedia project transmit the game to the senses where the colors become sounds, and the plants turn into models that adorn Tosheva’s heroines.

Printed on eco-friendly materials, the patterns are designed by the American artist Mark Lovejoy. The fashion accessories are a collaboration with Mighty Jewelry and represent miniature landscapes of nature. The collection was presented at Fashion Weekend Skopje.

Photo: Miladin Papovic

Model: Ivana Vasovska/ Models In

Make up: Viktor Mirchevski

Hair: Darko Ristevski/ Bube In

Set assistant: Aleksandar Petrushevski

Graphic design: Kristina Mancheva

Special thanks to: Hotel Bistra Mavrovo, Galichnik mountain bike adventures and Sherpa Horse Riding Macedonia.

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